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7 Things That Matter In Choosing A Volunteer Vacation

Wondering how to do more for your vacation? Well, volunteer vacation might be the answer. As the name pretty much suggests, this is all about traveling with a purpose. Instead of lazing around the valleys and sunbathing on the beaches, the vacation will be more about working for the local community. If you are going for your first volunteer vacation, there are a few things that need attention. We have enlisted a few things for your help, along with some facts that need attention.

  • Finding the right kind or project is important, and the options are varied. From choosing to volunteer in Costa Rica building and construction to working with animal conservation experts in Africa, the choices depend on your personal preference. Of course, the budget is also one of the important factors to consider, given that some of these vacations can be expensive.

  • Most of the volunteer vacations are meant to be flexible. Basically, you would be working for a few hours in the day and spending the remaining time in traveling and exploring the local places. Look for a program that isn’t too hard, especially if you are going for the first trip. The duration can be anywhere between two weeks to many months, based on what you might be comfortable with.
  • While vacationing with a purpose can be fun, it can be expensive too. The budget of each trip differs with the inclusions. If you are interested in a budget holiday, you can opt for a package that offers shared room and basic meals. Keep in mind that the larger purpose of traveling changes with such trips, so it isn’t a bad idea to cut down the costs to some extent.
  • Volunteer vacation may mean extra expenses. Apart from what is covered in the package, you may have to spend a lot more on personal things and extra meals. Keep 30% of the actual budget extra in your bank, so that the possible requirements can be met on time. Check if there is added travel insurance in the package, or else, you will have to spend on that, as well.

  • One of other things that need attention is the food. Check with the travel organizer to find the menu on the trip, as local food may not suit your tastes. Sometimes, volunteers are given a chef for their food needs, or else, you may get a shared kitchen. Again, these choices depend largely on what you are willing to spend.
  • Choosing a good program isn’t just about what you like, but it is also about how you can contribute. If you like a package, always seek details on how the current work is helping the local people. The work and energy spent on such projects should go in the right direction, and the organizers and planners should be able to give answers.
  • Finally, take your time before you pack stuff. Keep an eye on the weather and culture before you buy clothing and other essentials.

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