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What to Pack On Your Next Trip to Peru

Making plans for a trip to Peru? You’re not the only one. If you’ve never set foot in this beautiful country before, then you’re in for an adventure. But before you begin thinking about your stay, you need to ensure you pack all the right things.

Let’s read more about Peru, so you can be better informed about what you need to take.

What’s it Like in Peru?

This country is a coastal desert that features an assortment of landscapes to enjoy. This includes snowcapped mountain ranges, thick forests and beautiful blue outstretched skies. The Amazon isn’t too far away, so this is definitely a jungle you won’t want to miss. The landscape is very diverse, offering a little something for everyone.

Getting Prepared for Peru

So what do you need to bring on your travels to Peru? If you’re a woman, you’ll likely pack your typical items, such as female hygiene products and Sephora products. But there are key items you don’t want to leave behind.

First, are you planning to visit the coast, mountains and forests? If so, then you’ll need entirely different items. For instance, if you’re headed to the beach, you want to ensure you have your sunblock and beachwear.

And if you’re headed off to the mountains, you’ll need winter gear because it can get very cold up there. Then in the jungle, you should consider wearing long pants, boots and a tee. Make sure to bring along your DEET or other bug repellents.

In Peru, there’s no summer, winter, fall or spring. The seasons are pretty much the same between December and March and May and October. There are mid-season transitions throughout the year.

What Are the Seasons Like?

On the coast, between December and March, it feels a lot like summer. Then between May and October, it’s like winter. In the mountains, it is rainy between December and March and then dry between May and October.

In the jumgle, such as the Amazon, there’s heavy rain and flooding between December and March and light rain and dry between May and October.

Summer Packing

If you’re going during the summer months, you want to take along items like shorts, tees, pants, flip flops, sandals and a reusable bottle you can refill with water. Prepare for the air to be sunny and dry. The temperatures can reach the mid-80s during the day and around 70 degrees F in the evening.

Winter Packing

The temperature during the day can be wet and cloudy at 65 degrees during the day and in the mid-50s in the evening hours. The conditions can be mild and humid, which can make the air feel cooler. The items you want to bring for winter time visits include lightweight jackets and sweaters, skull cap, scarf and shoes with good traction to prevent slip and falls.

Wet Season Packing

During the wetter seasons, you want to bring along items like a poncho, jacket or rain slicker, umbrella and shoes that have rubber soles for water resistance. The temperatures can be between 65 and 70 degrees during the day and mid to upper 30s in the evening.

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