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Why You Should Prefer A Carrier Over A Leash?

Sometimes the answers remain right in front of us and yet we choose to ignore them. Pet carriers are one such alternative that should be used instead of leashes which are strapped to your pet’s neck. Even of your pet is behaving like cuddly sweet angel may turn onto a veracious angry animal with sudden change in atmosphere. They sense that they are in danger when they are out of comfortable zone and hence become filled with rage. Here are some reasons why you should opt for using a carrier instead of a leash:

  1. Leashes are leather belts strapped to your pet’s neck which need to be pulled to make your pet move if he is not ready to roll, this turns into a battle because you do not want to hurt your precious pet and at the same time if he does not move, it will be a difficult situation for you to handle. This is a carrier will be a much comfortable way to make your pet move around when he not willing to walk at all. This makes travelling very easy.
  2. It has been noticed that a leash or a leather strap is very easy get away from. Your dog may chew it away so bad that you may not even notice when he is gone. This is why a carrier is preferred. Late at night, you can be sound asleep knowing that your precious angel is sleeping tight inside his carrier with no fear of him running away and getting lost.

Reasons to choose OxGord carriers over other carriers

OxGord Pet Carrier are one such carrier which allows you to travel gloriously with your family and pet with no worries of your pet getting lost or running astray. Due to the following pointers, you can use OxGord without worry:

  • They are made of polyester which is safe for your pet and user friendly for you as well,
  • It is easy to clean and store after usage
  • It is lightweight and hence can be used efficiently without hassle during travelling,
  • Good ventilation will not dampen the spirit of your pet which will make you happy as well

So go ahead and get your pet this wonderful carrier. It is a magnificent way to carry your pet around to places without having the troubles. It works as an asset as it tends to work for years before it gets damaged.

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