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Daily Existence in Ancient Egypt – Review

This information is overview of Red Land, Black Land: Daily Existence in Ancient Egypt by Barbara Mertz (the audio version). I’ll give my ideas around the author, a short summary of the contents as well as an overall evaluation.

I’d just finished hearing Temples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs through the same author and it was impressed with Mertz’s writing. So, I made the decision to provide Daily Existence in Ancient Egypt an opportunity (anybody that has looked knows you will find very little audiobooks on Ancient Egypt readily available for download). You can easily tell that they writes from experience and achieves this with a lot of humor. She discusses her time in the Oriental Institute as well as her many journeys to Egypt. This certainly enables you to believe that the writer is competent to discuss her subject material.

The items in it aren’t technical which means this helps make the book available to anybody. It covers topics varying from geography to religion to like to clothing. One may think that something similar to Egyptian clothing wouldn’t be quite interesting, however i think any readers/listener is going to be amazed at the depth from the subject. It also includes a great number of extended tales from authentic Egyptian texts.

Being an overall evaluation, this text is completely fantastic. I listen to numerous audiobooks since i commute. And admittedly, I don’t finish many of them because either the fabric is boring or even the readers is terrible. Neither could well be the situation with this text. Mertz really makes Daily Existence in Ancient Egypt come to life. Other texts on ancient history let you know that remote and various people of history were however, one finishes this text feeling the Ancient Egyptians were real people with lots of exactly the same concerns that people nowadays have. Mertz uses a great illustration for the reason that we percieve the traditional Egyptians such as the mummies that people see in museums. Yet she takes these mummies and puts the flesh and bones back in it. This can be a pleasurable book on Ancient Egypt.

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