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Six Reasons Peru is for Any Type of Travelers

Peru has a lot more to offer than just some tourist attractions and adventure tours. It has enormous sunny beaches and high-altitude hamlets. This nation is transitioned from a famous travel hotspot in South American to one of the most exciting destinations in the world. Below are the main reasons to visit Peru. Peru is for everyone. It is the perfect destination for those:

Who Love Nature

While sailing on a boat at the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, have a meet-and-greet moment with Humboldt penguins and sea lions at the Paracas National Reserve. Nature lovers can also watch the highlands’ Andean condor or witness fabulous sunsets by the Pacific Ocean. Peru is home to various plants and animals.

Seek Adventure

A travel to Peru brings people to various outdoor activities. The Andes Mountain range has a spot for those who love to trek. The inviting rivers in the Sacred Valley of the Incas are worth exploring. Adventure seekers can bike along natural surroundings or surf waves on the Pacific.

Learn Histories

The Machu Picchu of Inca is the country’s most popular archeological site. Caral is South America’s oldest civilization. Peru has fascinating diverse cultures. The Moche culture presents the Lord of Sipan where jewelry objects such as necklaces, masks and earrings demonstrate how Peruvians work with precious metals. The desert drawings of the Nasca culture have been a legacy. The world’s biggest adobe city called Chan Chan was built by Chimu cultures.

The San Blas district is worth a walk where little shops and cafes can be accessed. The Plaza de Armas is home to the massive cathedral with histories worth knowing.

Love Culture and Crafts

Travelers can venture out and explore the Sacred Valley’s ancient communities. A day can be spent to visit ruins at Picas and another to learn about traditional weaving methods. Travelers with a strong love for crafts can head to Centro Textil Urpi Centro Cultural Parwa to buy handmade alpaca decoratives and apparels. Maray’s Incan crop terraces at Moray are also worth marveling where artisanal pink salt can be bought.

Love Phenomenal Beaches

Peru boasts of breath-taking beaches in its arid northwest. Surfers head to Mancara and those with a love for both waters and histories can go to Trujillo to explore the beach resort town of Huanchaco.

Want to Try Unique Cuisine

The Peruvian food alone makes a trip to the country worth it. A combination of African, Asian and Indian influences, coupled with native crops makes exciting offerings. People in Peru take pride of their chifa cuisine and ceviche.

If you any of these types of visitors sound like you, book your trip to Peru today. Prepare yourself for the adventure and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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